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distracted by butterflies
help me catch one?
11th-Aug-2037 09:58 pm...
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1st-May-2007 05:56 am - this journal is on hiatus

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this journal is currently on hiatus. the links above are better ways to keep up with me/contact me, but feel free to leave me a comment if you want to get a hold of me.
20th-Sep-2002 05:25 am - my dex - A-M
i play on gpx as trixie. this tag will have alllllllll my pokes.

this is the beginning of the regular dex...


Dex part 1!Collapse )
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20th-Sep-2002 05:20 am - my dex - N-Z
this is the rest of the regular dex...

Dex part 1!Collapse )
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20th-Sep-2002 05:12 am - my dex - PikaPokes! A-K
to further divide up the main dex, to make it a bit less... huge... behold, the SHINIES! ... which are also divided now...

PikaPika!!Collapse )
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20th-Sep-2002 05:00 am - my dex - PikaPokes! L-Z
to further divide up the main dex, to make it a bit less... huge... behold, the SHINIES!

PikaPika!!Collapse )
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20th-Sep-2002 04:50 am - Prettywings
one of my favorite pokemon is definitely definitely #666, Vivillon, and one of the best things about them is the many different patterns, based on regions. with the requisite amount of effort, i was able to collect all the patterns in the game. gpx has updated to allow the different patterns, using flags you find underground. huzzah! let the collecting commence!!

i made a separate post for them because
a) vivillons are pretty enough for their own post
b) it's like a catalog of the different patterns

come inside for all the beautiful prettywings!!Collapse )
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20th-Sep-2002 04:40 am - my dex - novelty A-J
herein find the Novelty of the Novelty Pokemon!! part

Novel!Collapse )
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20th-Sep-2002 04:37 am - my dex - novelty K-Z
herein find the Novelty of the Novelty Pokemon!! part 2

Novel!Collapse )
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20th-Sep-2002 04:35 am - my dex - the Legends
herein find the Legendary Pokemon!!

Legend of the Pokes!Collapse )
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20th-Sep-2002 04:10 am - my dex - MAGNEARMY!!
THIS is my Magnearmy. ahhhh, love. especially the crown of my pokecollection. my shiny magnemite, Excalibur. squee!

Magnemite Territory!! Feel the electric love!Collapse )
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20th-Sep-2002 04:00 am - my dex - Alphabet
a smaller post here, just to display the alphabet. in pokemon. very educational.

alpha-mon!Collapse )
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