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my dex - PikaPokes! L-Z

to further divide up the main dex, to make it a bit less... huge... behold, the SHINIES!

Kisa_san Lapras Shiny Lapras male
bei fong Larvitar Shiny Tyranitar female  photo s-39.png  photo s-40.png
RussianIceTiger Litten Shiny Torracat male  photo s_59.png
brightlights Litwick Shiny Chandelure male
Eli Litwick Shiny Menoralure male
Daikenja Lunatone Shiny Lunatone n/a
Kira Magikarp Shiny Gyarados male
EXCALIBUR Magnemite Shiny Magnezone n/a
Caladbolg Magnemite Shiny Magneton n/a
punching bag Makuhita Shiny Hariyama male  photo s_1.png
Sawada Mareep Shiny Ampharos female
naked pink baa Mareep [Sheared] Shiny Ampharos [Woolly] female  photo s_45.png  photo s_1_6.png
snapsnap Mawile Shiny Mawile female
Capoeira Meditite Shiny Medicham female  photo s_22.png
Violet Shaolin Mienfoo Shiny Mienshao male
Manganese Misdreavus Shiny Mismagius male  photo s_1_2.png
dances in mud Mudkip Shiny Swampert male
Mint McEars Noibat Shiny Noivern female  photo s_2.png
gunung merapi Numel Shiny Camerupt male  photo s_19.png
lucky leaf Oddish Shiny Bellossom female
soggy bottom Oshawott Shiny Samurott male  photo s-50.png  photo s-51.png
kyo Pachirisu Shiny Pachirisu male
Leaflock Phantump Shiny Trevenant female  photo s-96.png
Mr. Happy Pinsir Shiny Pinsir female
mr. little Piplup Shiny Empoleon male  photo s-62.png  photo s-63.png
watergun Poliwag Shiny Poliwrath female
Saffyre Fire Ponyta Shiny Rapidash male
broken duck Porygon Shiny Porygon-Z n/a
Purple Pumpkin Pumpkaboo Shiny Gourgeist male  photo s-89.png
bo jangles Purrloin Shiny Liepard male
marie curie Ralts Shiny Gardevoir female
Blue Knight Ralts Shiny Gallade male
tealfish Relicanth Shiny Relicanth male
unexpected Riolu Shiny Lucario male
amethyst Roggenrola Shiny Gigalith n/a
fire agate Roggenrola Shiny Gigamorph n/a
GE Rotom Shiny Rotom n/a
mint burd Rowlet Shiny Decidueye female  photo s_58.png  photo s-1_2.png
fireworks Rufflet Shiny Braviary male
EmeraldThief Sableye Shiny Sableye male
cloisonne Scatterbug Shiny Vivillon female  photo s-86.png  photo s-87.png
minato Scraggy Shiny Scrafty male
jessie Seedot Shiny Shiftry male
Rickman Seviper Shiny Seviper female
MegaDeathscythe Scyther Shiny Scizor female  photo s_4.png  photo s_5.png
chompie Shellder Shiny Spiral Shellder male
aurum Shinx Shiny Luxray female
blue rock bug Shuckle Shiny Shuckle female
Sam Mason Shuppet Shiny Banette female
Hummingbird Sigilyph Shiny Sigilyph female
firefly Skarmory Shiny Skarmory male
GoldHornTaxi Skiddo Shiny Gogoat male  photo d_1.png
roger Skorupi Shiny Drapion male
Hatori-sensei Skrelp Shiny Dragalge female  photo s_39.png
Hideto Slowpoke Shiny Slowking female
dr.strangelove Snivy Shiny Serperior male
abominable Snover Shiny Abomasnow female  photo s_54.png
kiwi snocone Munchlax – Snowman Shiny Snowman Snorlax male  photo s_47.png
Heika Solrock Shiny Solrock n/a
gumball Spheal Shiny Walrein female  photo s-75.png  photo s-76.png
vertigo Spinda Shiny Spinda male
blue bomber Spiritomb Shiny Spiritomb female
nose Spritzee Shiny Aromatisse male  photo s_28.png
blueboy Squirtle Shiny Blastoise male  photo s-54.png  photo s-55.png
pikaSORA Staryu Shiny Starmie n/a
Rei Surskit Shiny Masquerain male  photo s-66.png
golden fleece Swablu Shiny Altera male
think green Swinub Shiny Mamoswine female
hotfudgesundae Swirlix Shiny Slurpuff female  photo s-88.png
SOME PIG Tepig Shiny Emboar female  photo s-41.png  photo s-42.png
easter egg Togepi Shiny Togekiss female  photo s_37.png  photo s_38.png
pikatrixie Torchic Shiny Torchic male
chelseaDAGGER Torkoal Shiny Torkoal female
ONEday Trapnich Shiny Flygon female
red tail 654 Treecko Shiny Groyvle male  photo s-80.png
FINALLY Tropius - Autumn Shiny Autumn Tropius female
tesla Tynamo Shiny Elektross male
discoking Tyrogue Shiny Tyrogue male
blue jaws Tyrunt Shiny Tyrantrun male  photo s_1.png
Ben n Jerry Vanillite Shiny Vanilluxe female
Max Voltorb Shiny Electrode n/a
Maui Vulpix Shiny Ninetails male
Great Catherine Vulpix – Winter Shiny Winter Ninetails female  photo s_1_7.png
Mr. Lucky Wailmer Shiny Wailord male
green magic Woobat Shiny Woobat female
purple rain Wynaut Shiny Wobbuffet male  photo s-59.png
redclaw Zangoose Shiny Zangoose male
Ever Free Zergoose Shiny Zergoose female
kitsune Zorua Shiny Zorua male
Robbie Zubat Shiny Crobat female

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