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one of my favorite pokemon is definitely definitely #666, Vivillon, and one of the best things about them is the many different patterns, based on regions. with the requisite amount of effort, i was able to collect all the patterns in the game. gpx has updated to allow the different patterns, using flags you find underground. huzzah! let the collecting commence!!

i made a separate post for them because
a) vivillons are pretty enough for their own post
b) it's like a catalog of the different patterns

  Pattern Name Pokemon
Meadow Pattern MeadowWings
Polar Pattern PolarWings
Tundra Pattern TundraWings
Continental Pattern ContiWings
Garden Pattern GardenWings
Elegant Pattern ElegaWings
Icysnow Pattern IcyWings
Modern Pattern ModernWings
Marine Pattern MarineWings
Archipelago Pattern ArchiWings
High Plains Pattern HighPlainsWings
Sandstorm Pattern SandWings
River Pattern RiverWings
Monsoon Pattern MonsoonWings
Savanna Pattern SavannaWings
Sun Pattern SunWings
Ocean Pattern OceanWings
Jungle Pattern JungleWings
Pokecenter Pattern PokeWings
Pokecenter Pattern (Shiny) Paris
Fancy Pattern (Shiny) cloisonne
Love Pattern love bug
Love Pattern (Shiny) Demi LoVebug

just because shiny spewpa is so cute, here is the shiny scatterbug sprite :  photo 8c390e7ece19f2591463744d414727d0.png
and here is shiny spewpa :  photo s_46.png

and yes, if you're interested, a lot of the vivillons i bred/trained in X/Y were named after ryuugazaki rei. ^_~

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