trixie chick (trixie_chick) wrote,
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my dex - novelty A-J

herein find the Novelty of the Novelty Pokemon!! part

Ol' Lockie Aerodactyl Fossil Aerodactyl male
Big Spoon Alakazam Ancient Alakazam male
emily Amura Fossil Aurorus female  photo s-94.png
vermillion Anorith Fossil Anorith female
greyguts Anorith Fossil Armaldo male
rahona Archen Fossil Archeops male
General Chiro Bidofo Bidofo male
hesperidoids Bonsly - Golden Golden Sudowoodo male  photo s_23.png
rusty bell Bronzor - Rustor Rustzong n/a
Killing Doll Bulbasaur - Clone Bulbasaur - Clone male
HC-IIIX Bulbasaur - Clone Ivysaur - Clone male
Tres Iqus Bulbasaur - Clone Venusaur - Clone male
Dace Carbink Carbink – Servant n/a
Allotrope Carbink Carbink – Servant n/a
Bort Carbink Carbink – Servant n/a
Merrick Carbink Carbink – Servant n/a
kisskiss Caterpie – Pink Pink Butterfly female  photo 820999779c4a01a1a380af5e12df9c39.png  photo s_1_3.png
bryone3 Charmander - Clone Charmander - Clone male
bryone2 Charmander - Clone Charmeleon - Clone male
bryone Charmander - Clone Charizard - Clone male
Frosty Snownut Chespin Snowman Chespin male
Iwatobi Chikorita Splash Chikorita male  photo s-64.png  photo s-65.png
Helmutt Cranidos Fossil Rampardos male
Sapphire Crystal Onix Crystal Onix male YAY!
Topaz Crystal Onix Crystal Steelix male
Shakespeare Cyndaquil - Spring Spring Typhlosion male  photo s-52.png  photo s-53.png
Robotriglav Deino - Deibot Hydreibot female  photo s-71.png  photo s-72.png
Noel Drifloon Present Drifloon male
Nagini Ekans – Dark Dark Arbok female  photo s_50.png
Whirinaki Farfetch'd Harvest Farfetch'd male
Frosty Snowfox Fennekin Snowman Fennekin male
Enkidu Flabebe [Eternal Flower] Florges [Eternal Flower] female  photo s_13.png  photo s_14.png
Frosty Snowfrog Froakie Snowman Froakie male
Big Scare Gengar Ancient Gengar male
derpy Gibby Gible (Ekralyp) Ekranord male  photo s-81.png  photo s-82.png
Captain Icicle Girafarig Snowy Girafarig female
Enbarr Horsea Icy Seadra male
Big Puff Jigglypuff Ancient Jigglypuff female

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