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my dex - PikaPokes! A-K

to further divide up the main dex, to make it a bit less... huge... behold, the SHINIES! ... which are also divided now...

mindflip Abra Shiny Alakazam male  photo s-47.png  photo s-48.png
saruhiko Absol Shiny Absol female
TwelveSquare Aerodactyl Shiny Aerodactyl male
SkyDiamonds Aipom Shiny Ambipom female
red eye Aron Shiny Aggron female  photo s-45.png  photo s-46.png
nagisa Archen Shiny Archeops male  photo 60fa78b63e9dc826022b2277c02987a4.png
Berivotra Archen - Fossil Shiny Fossil Archeops male  photo s-69.png
Elsa Amaura Shiny Aurorus male  photo 166e2b62091b104ca5bc3b0feeef17ba.png
743pm Anorith Shiny Armaldo male  photo s_53.png
violet chubbs Audino Shiny Audino female
night fury Axew Shiny Haxorus male
mossy Azurill Shiny Azumarill male
Lin Bei Fong Beldum Shiny Metagross n/a  photo s-60.png  photo s-61.png
waterlogged Bidoof Shiny Bibarel female
Reisi-kun Blitzle Shiny Zebstrika male  photo s-79.png
green bell Bronzor Shiny Bronzong n/a
rustygreenbell Bronzor - Rustor Shiny Rustzong n/a
mikochibi Buizel Shiny Floatzel female  photo s_25.png
leafgreen Bulbasaur Shiny Bulbasaur male
pinkbunbunbun Buneary Shiny Lopunny female  photo s_7.png
cold steel Burmy – Cloakless Shiny Cloakless Burmy female
Anthracite Carbink Shiny Carbink n/a
Niuhi Carvanha Shiny Sharpedo male  photo s-37.png
goldie Caterpie Shiny Butterfree female  photo s_55.png  photo s_56.png
chuchu Caterpie – Pink Shiny Pink Butterfree female  photo s_51.png  photo s_52.png
brylove Charmander Shiny Charizard male
winner Charmander Shiny Charmander male
bychance Charmander Shiny Charmander male
brYmedon Charmander Shiny Charizard male
cherryberry Cherubi Shiny Cherrim [Damp] female  photo 6d3a1c43c03cc35418bf6870ad83da99.png
cherrycherry Cherubi Shiny Cherrim [Frost] female
DeathscytheHell Chespin Shiny Chesnaught female  photo s-92.png  photo s-93.png
pink monkey Chimchar Shiny Infernape male  photo s_48.png  photo s_49.png
footballfish Chinchou Shiny Lanturn female  photo s-74.png
Fujisaki Clamperl Shiny Gorebyss male  photo s-58.png
moon child Cleffa Shiny Clefable female  photo s_30.png  photo s_31.png
pamuk Cottonee Shiny Whimsicott female
kaneq Cryogonal Shiny Cryogonal n/a
lapis lazuli Crystal Onix Shiny Crystal Steelix male  photo s_34.png
1223 Cubone Shiny Marowak female  photo s_24.png
romeo Cyndaquil Shiny Typhlosion female
Lithium Darumaka Shiny Darumanitan female
lil brown mouse Dedenne Shiny Dedenne female
Zaphod Deino Shiny Hydreigon female
RoboZaphod Deino - Deibot Shiny Hydreibot male  photo s-77.png  photo s-78.png
bluenosed Diglett Shiny Dugtrio male
marimo Doduo Shiny Dodrio female  photo s-73.png
Chang Dratini Shiny Dragonite female
Miyavi Drifloon Shiny Drifblim male
Joulukuu Drifloon – Present Shiny Present Driblim male  photo s_20.png
goldrock Druddigon Shiny Druddigon male
red rum Duskull Shiny Dusknoir female  photo s_15.png  photo s_16.png
Shinchiro Dwebble Shiny Crustle female
Syuusuke Eevee Shiny Umbreon male
FortuneFavors Eevee Shiny Sylveon male
nanase haruka Eevee Shiny Vaporeon female
Leo de la Iglesi Eevee Shiny Jolteon male
Cat-suki Yuri Eevee Shiny Glaceon male
Yuri Purrsetsky Eevee Shiny Flareon male
Lily Ekans Shiny Arbok female
blue lightening Electrike Shiny Manectric female
Flying Squirrel Emolga Shiny Emolga male
the Grey Mage Fennekin Shiny Delphox male  photo s-90.png  photo s-91.png
butterfish Finneon Shiny Lumineon male
Agapanthus Flabebe [Blue] Shiny Florges [Blue] female  photo s_12.png  photo s_1_1.png
uchiha sasuke Froakie Shiny Greninja male  photo 1720d71e53810ab17657c18dd6e2ba04.png  photo s-85.png
Kurohfrufru Furfrou Shiny Furfrou female
Millenium Earl Gastly Shiny Gengar female
Super Gibby Gible Shiny Garchomp female  photo s-43.png  photo s-44.png
Dr TwoHeads Girafarig Shiny Girafarig male
kyrios Golett Shiny Golurk n/a  photo s-49.png
bright slime Goomy Shiny Goodra female  photo s_1-1.png  photo s_3.png
littlegreenman Grimer Shiny Muk male
simba Growlithe Shiny Arcanin female
kimba Growlithe Shiny Growlithe male
raspberry jello Gulpin Shiny Swalot female
theDarkElKulo Hawlucha Shiny Hawlucha female
suny Helioptile Shiny Heliolisk female  photo s_29.png
BLOOD SWORD Honedge Shiny Aegislash male  photo s-83.png  photo s-84.png
Pochi Horsea Shiny Kingdra male
think bluish Houndour Shiny Houndoom male  photo s-70.png
InkinyourEye Inkay Shiny Malamar male  photo s_21.png
ratchet Klink Shiny Klingklang n/a
Il Matto Korechu Shiny Korechu male
Kanon Kricketot Shiny Kricketune male

Tags: !!my dex
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