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my dex - novelty K-Z

herein find the Novelty of the Novelty Pokemon!! part 2

ShopKeeper Kecleon Purple Kecleon male
the fool Korechu Korechu male
chandrika Larvitar – Lunar Astral Tyranitar male  photo s_32.png  photo s_33.png
Ol' Venus Lileep Fossil Cradily male
jolly fat man</font> Makuhita Santa Hariyama male
naked sheep Mareep [Sheered] Ampharos [Woolly] male  photo s_35.png  photo s_36.png
skogkatt Meowth Alpine Persian male  photo ef3f5b5e6823ae17bc82a4a14e679964.png
chocolate malt Miltank Chocolate Miltank female
Natalia Misdreavus Past Mismagius male
frosty Munchlax – Snowman Snowman Snorlax male  photo s_43.png
viborera Oddish – Valencian Valencian Bellosom female  photo s_26.png  photo s_27.png
bougainvilleas Oddish – Valencian Valencian Vileplume female
Escargot Omanyte Fossil Omanyte female
Misty Toes Petilil (Mistilil) Settigant female
Spike Pichu Spiky-Eared Pichu female
lil fat bird Pidgy Pudgy Pidgeot female
Dungeon Pokii Pokii n/a
friendINscience Porygon Porygon-T n/a
oldmanoftheSEA Relicanth Fossil Relicanth male
ire Remorage Octillerage female
pink rider Rhyhorn Pinkan Rhyperior female  photo s_17.png  photo s_18.png
ruby Roggenrola Gigamorph n/a
bad tail Shellder Spiral Shellder female
Ms.Pumpkineater Shellderboy Shellderboy female
broken plate Shieldon Fossil Bastiodon male
Nollaig Shuppet Future Shuppet female
Nadolig Shuppet Future Banette female
stud Slugma - Slime Slugma - Slime female
Sticky Slugma - Slime Magcargo - Slime male
chaniwa Squirtle - Clone Squirtle - Clone male
tsukiyama Squirtle - Clone Wartortle - Clone male
karesansui Squirtle - Clone Blastoise - Clone male
wahine Tirtouga Fossil Carracosta female
Ikuya Togepi Floral Togepi male
Eruptor Totodile Magma Feraligator male  photo 33d9608fa1c372fedcc0900dc696349f.png  photo afb07538473ff24c4c978adac972f300.png
Peep Torchic Painted Torchic male  photo 5d0847ce0f50cb687fcdee919dcd5e02.png  photo a702a3e42022471135814fdce35b812b.png
kiona Tropius Autumn Tropius female
Tavy Tropius Autumn Tropius male
rock jaw Tyrunt Fossil Tyrantrum male  photo s-95.png
sad cone Vanillite Vanillite – Snowless female
Vulpix - Winter Ninetails - Winter female
Pyotr Vulpix - Winter Vulpix - Winter male
Katya Vulpix - Winter Vulpix - Winter female
OBLAAT Zergoose Zergoose male oh yeah!
LEMOND Zergoose Zergoose male
hide away Zergoose Zergoose female
MISCAST Zergoose Autoshiny Zergoose female
firefox Zorua - Flaming Zorua - Flaming male

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